Sudanese woman protester’s picture breaks the internet

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The world is a global village nowadays, connected through the internet. Hence images, video clips and news travels fast these days. Take for instance the case of 22-year-old Sudanese protester Alaa Salah whose picture broke the internet after she was seen leading the call for revolution atop a car in Sudan.

While talking to The Guardian, Salah said that she was glad her photo went viral as people around the globe got to know about the revolution.

“I have been going to these protest demonstrations since the first day when they began,” she said. “This is because my parents raised me to love my home,” he added.

The protests against the 30-year-old rule of Omar al-Bashir started in December but gained intensity this weekend as thousands stood at crossroads near a military complex in Khartoum, demanding a revolution.

Salah said that she does not have a political background and that her country was above sectarian and political divisions.

She revealed that the day they took her photo standing atop a car, she read a revolutionary poem at 10 different gatherings.

“In the beginning I found a group of about six women and I started singing, and they started singing with me, then the gathering became really big,” she said.

Salah’s mother is a fashion designer and her father is the owner of a construction company. Her mother is working on the traditional Sudanese troub—that has become popular with Sudanese women after becoming a symbol of resistance.

Salah ended the interview by stating that she had to rest her voice as it had become sore from all the chanting.