Asad Umar takes to the mountains post-retirement

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Former finance minister Asad Umar is on a vacation it seems, judging from his recent tweet. The politician tweeted about the Eagle’s Nest, on Tuesday.

Asad Umar said time and again when he was the finance minister that he had the most difficult job after the prime minister.

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At an event, the finance minister even went so far as to say that he was Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘opening batsman’.

The opening batsman was told to hang up his boots by the prime minister earlier this month. Now, it seems that Asad Umar is taking to the mountains to unwind.

“Jinney eagles nest nayee vekhya o jammia nayee,” he tweeted.

Asad Umar resigned earlier during this month. According to the former finance minister, Prime Minister Khan asked him to take up the energy portfolio.

Asad Umar declined and said that he would no longer be part of the federal cabinet. He reposed his trust and confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Khan and had asked the people to give time to his replacement.

Prime Minister Khan appointed Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Finance.