Police arrest doctor who allegedly spread HIV in Larkana

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LARKANA: Police on Tuesday arrested a doctor who is accused of spreading the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Larkana’s Ratodero district.

Police registered a case against the accused, Dr Muzaffar Ghanghar and produced him before a local court. Police said that the doctor was himself an HIV patient.

The doctor was taken into custody after alarm spread throughout the district. The number of HIV-positive cases rose to 39. Among the 39 affected, 22 were children.

Dr Muzaffar Ghanghar said that he was not responsible for spreading HIV. The doctor said that he did not know about the HIV. He claimed that Sindh Health Commission was conspiring against him.
“If I had known about [HIV/AIDS] then I would have sought treatment. I did not experience any pain,” he said.

The Aids Control Programme in Sindh in-charge, Dr Sikander Memon, said that a team would arrive in Ratodero to ascertain as to the HIV spreading in the district.

Dr Memon said that there were around 100,000 people infected with HIV in Sindh but only 10,350 of them were registered patients.

As yet, there is no HIV vaccine or cure, and infected people rely on lifelong anti-retroviral therapy to stop the virus replicating.

Without treatment, people with HIV can go on to develop AIDS. AIDS weakens the immune system and the body becomes susceptible to cancer and tuberculosis as well as other diseases.