Pakistani scientist Shaheer Niazi gets rejected from MIT, Harvard & other universities

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LAHORE: Pakistani scientist Shaheer Niazi, who became the only man in the world to photograph the movement if ions in a honeycomb, was rejected from MIT, Harvard and other prestigious universities.
Shaheer Niazi, the bespectacled Pakistani scientist who became famous for photographing the movement of ions that forms honeycomb, got rejected from prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Princeton, Yale and Stanford.

Shaheer Niazi made the announcement via Twitter, saying that the rejection would not deter him from pushing the envelope further.

“Got rejected from MIT, Caltech, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Stanford. Sometimes life throws you down only to remind you how to get up again!” he tweeted.

At only 17 years old, Shaheer got published a research paper in the journal, Royal Society Open Science, based on research he had conducted for the International Young Physicists’ Tournament in Russia.

He had said in an interview to the BBC earlier that his dream was to get into an internationally renowned educational institute where he could pursue his dream to win Pakistan the Nobel Peace Prize.