Muneeb used to call me his little sister: Aiman Khan

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When we first met, Muneeb used to call me his little sister, said Pakistani actress Aiman Khan in an interview with Samina Peerzada.

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Aiman Khan was the latest guest on Samina Peerzada’s show ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’. The actress revealed a lot about her life post-marriage, which included details about how much she and her husband, actor Muneeb Butt, got along.

Aiman disclosed during the interview that Muneeb Butt used to call her ‘his sister’ when they first met as she was young.

“We first met around four years ago,” she said. “I was so young, Muneeb used to refer to me as ‘meri behn’. In fact, he used to say to my mother that Aiman is my little sister,” she added, laughing.

Aiman said that life after marriage was the same, the only difference being that Muneeb and Aiman became even better friends than they were before.

“We were friends first, husband and wife later,” she said. “So nothing changed between us except for the fact that I left one house for another,” she added.

Aiman said that she felt a little hurt at all the criticism about her marriage becoming such a long affair but said that she doesn’t let it affect her anymore.

“Most of the people I know and who came to my wedding were people from the industry,” she said. “We don’t know anyone else. So when they call came to my engagement and other ceremonies, it sort of became a big event,” she added.

Aiman said that Muneeb Butt was an extremely caring husband and that both of them compromised for the sake of each other.

“Marriage is mostly compromise. Sometimes he does it for me and sometimes I compromise for him,” she said.

Aiman said that when she first got into a relationship with Muneeb, she hid it from her parents and sister, Minal as well.

The actress said that she was afraid the relationship would not turn into anything meaningful hence she felt afraid to reveal it to anyone.