Morning show host insults doctors, gets slammed on social media

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Morning show host Kiran Aftab talked down to a group of young doctors during her morning show on SAMAA TV. Social media and Twitter weren’t pleased.

Young doctors these days are on the roads, protesting for their right to remuneration be granted by the government.

According to some of the doctors, they have not been paid salaries since the past four months. Some, according to them, have yet to receive salaries for eight months of work.

The doctors have been on strike and as a result, are not coming in to work. As a result, the common man who seeks treatment in government hospital has to suffer at the end of the day.

SAMAA TV’s morning show co-host Kiran Aftab invited some of the protesting doctors to ensure that their voices were heard but her condescending tone and smug expressions were noted by all.

“What is the matter? For how many days have you people not be paid? The ordinary man has been suffering for so long, do you know that?” she posed her question to the doctors in a condescending tone.

Dr Iraj, a house officer who works at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital said that she was representing 300 house officers from the hospital who had not been paid.

“We have three demands only—first, that we be given our salaries which have not been paid to us for since the last four months. Second, we want the increment that the government of Sindh has granted to doctors due to which our salaries have gone up from Rs30,000 to Rs45,000. Lastly, we want our future salaries to be regularized,” she said.

“What will happen to the common man. He is suffering, do you have any pain in your heart for him?” asked Kiran Aftab, not letting go of her condescending tone.

“See, what we’re trying to do–,” another doctor on the show tried to say before Kiran Aftab cut him short rudely.

“No, no, you cannot simply just talk,” she said. “How will those doctors who are protesting on roads provide medical aid to the patients?”

The young doctor tries to tell the morning show hosts that protesters have only boycotted the Out-Patient Departments (OPDs) while the Emergency Services and other facilities are still available.

Again, Kiran Aftab interrupted him rudely.

“You’ve done a great favour to the common man, then,” she remarked sarcastically.

Kiran Aftab’s jibes at the doctors were in rather poor taste, considering she willfully chose to ignore the fact that the doctor’s had not been paid salaries for the work they put in since the last four to eight months.

People on social media took offence to Kiran Aftab’s pugnacious and insensitive attitude, urging her to provide relief to the common man from her own pocket if she cared so much for them.