Indian documentary exposes Modi’s feet washing publicity stunt

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi’s feet washing publicity stunt enacted a few months ago, was exposed by a documentary on Wednesday.

A few months ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi washed the feet of sanitation workers in India.

The move was obviously a publicity stunt ahead of the much-anticipated Indian elections that are underway in the country.

The Wire released a documentary which exposed Modi’s double standards and publicity stunt as it spoke to people whose feet the Indian prime minister washed.

“He came all of a sudden and we were scared,” said a poor man. “He started washing our feet. We were scared as he is our prime minister,” he added.

A poor woman said that she was a contract labourer who hadn’t been paid her wages since the past four months or so.

“What has the government done about that? Modi can wash our feet all he wants, but what will he do about our stomachs?” she said. “If we were to wash his feet and oil his hair, does that mean we respect him?”

Another woman whose feet Modi had washed also spoke about his publicity stunt. She said that her people thought that Modi was coming to listen to their problems and issues but he did not stay for long after the publicity stunt.

“I didn’t get a cylinder as per the Ujwalla scheme,” she said. “I am burning wood to make fire to cook.”

Modi had said that washing the feet of the poor was his ‘sanskar’.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi slammed Modi by sharing the documentary on Twitter and saying that the prime minister did not speak to the people about their problems.