Imran Farooq murder: Ex-MQM leaders threaten to go public against Altaf

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Former MQM members Muhammad Anwar and Tariq Mir have threatened to go public against Altaf Hussain regarding Dr Imran Farooq’s murder.

According to a report on Geo TV by the channel’s London correspondent Murtaza Ali Shah, a legal letter has been sent by Muhammad Anwar and Tariq Mir, both former senior leaders of the MQM, to Altaf Hussain in which they have called on him to stop a nefarious campaign against them otherwise they would report him to the police.

The two leaders have claimed in the letter that they would hold a press conference and would reveal details of all communication between them and the MQM founder if ‘propaganda’ against them was not stopped.

“There is already a murder inquiry ongoing in UK and Pakistan,” stated the letter regarding the Dr Imran Farooq case.

According to Geo TV, the dispute between Anwar, Mir and Altaf Hussain stems from the Edgware property in London.

Altaf Hussain is the beneficiary of the property and the MQM founder wants the ownership to be transferred to him or anyone he nominates from his family or party.

However, Anwar and Mir, who are the title owners, are resisting the move. Anwar said that he had no problem in transferring the ownership to Altaf Hussain if his solicitors guaranteed to discharge all dues, arrears or penalties payable to HMRC.

Anwar said that in the letter, he had warned Altaf Hussain’s solicitors that if their client continues to spread ‘lies and propaganda’ then they would take action.

He said that they would have no choice but to inform Metropolitan Police if any harm comes to them or their relatives in Pakistan. Mir and Anwar said that they would also reveal all correspondence they had with the MQM founder to media in London and Pakistan.