I am a chowkidar of toilets, says PM Modi in rally

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi said in a rally on Monday that he was a chowkidar (gatekeeper) of toilets.

The Indian prime minister was addressing a rally in Maharashtra when he described himself as a ‘chowkidar’ of toilets.

Modi said that by being a chowkidar of toilets, he was the protector of women and was thinking of their welfare.

“I am a chowkidar of toilets and I’m proud of that. Being the chowkidar of toilets I protect the honour of crores of Hindustani women,” he said during the rally, hitting out at opposition parties who made fun of his title ‘chowkidar’.

“A Congress leader referred to me two days ago as the ‘chowkidar of toilets’. Is that not an insult to sanitation workers in India?” said the prime minister. “I wear your insult like an ornament,” he added.

Modi lashed out at NCP chief Sharad Pawar, saying that the politician had forgotten that he too was a farmer from Maharashtra.

“He has forgotten about the farmers now,” he said.

Modi lashed out at the Congress and the NCP as well for demanding proof from the government regarding the Balakot strike.

He asked the crowd whether they were in favour of those who were heroes in India or those who had become heroes in Pakistan.

“Do you want people who is the hero of India or those who are being the heroes in Pakistan? Do you want evidence or do you want to be proud of the evidence? This is the same Congress-NCP’s alliance that trampled the shaheed smarak at Azad Maidan,” he said.