Hamza Shehbaz pays tribute to PML-N workers for preventing his arrest

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LAHORE: Hamza Shehbaz paid tribute to PML-N workers on Saturday, saying that they had stood like a wall between him and NAB.

“These are not workers of the party—they are my lions,” said Hamza Shehbaz as hundreds of PML-N workers erupted into a loud cheer.

Hamza Shehbaz slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan for using NAB against him. He said that the government of the day was making life difficult for the poor.

He paid tribute to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, saying that the PML-N leader had not shied away from returning to Pakistan when his wife was on the deathbed.

Hamza Shehbaz criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that his government had failed to provide relief to the masses.

“The economy is sinking and we don’t even have enough money to repay our loans,” he said.

Hamza Shehbaz said that he was treated like a terrorist by NAB officials even though he was an ordinary Pakistani citizen.