Hamza Ali Abbasi isn’t loved by any lobby: Reham Khan

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Pakistani journalist and anchor Reham Khan slammed Hamza Ali Abbasi on Twitter, claiming that he was not loved by any lobby.

Reham Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi have always been at odds with each other ever since the former’s marriage with Imran Khan hit the rocks.

Hamza Ali Abbasi continues to be a loyal supporter of Prime Minister Imran Khan while Reham Khan continues to be a bitter critic of the premier.

The two had exchanged jibes when Reham was about to release her autibiography that contained serious allegations against Imran Khan.

In a recent tweet, Hamza Ali Abbasi called for a presidential government which would be able to solve the issues of the masses without all the red tape and encumberances of a parliamentary system.

Reham took aim at the actor, calling on the PTI leadership to look towards another person to forward its agenda.

“Using actors as the siassi adakars are pretty useless & exhausted,” she said.