Finest experience: Sindh Police driving license branch working ‘praiseworthy’

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Indeed, being a responsible and well-cultured citizen everyone is bound to follow all the traffic rules and regulations in its letter and spirit so as to avoid facing any penalty during traveling from one destination to the other and also wearing of helmet is essential for the bikers to ensure maximum safe and secure drive.

Secondly, every citizen must be equipped with all the legal documentation that are mandatory prior to kicking off the ride to any place which mainly includes CNIC, driving license, original papers of the vehicle commonly called as ‘running paper’ and lastly the full tax paid receipt.

Now, sharing my incalculably great experience to the Driving License Branch located in the jurisdiction of Nazimabad Police Station in Karachi.

I must mention here that since years, the sheer negative and the damaging impression existing in my mind regarding the work and behavior of driving license branch officials and staff to the general public drastically changed into complete optimism and confidence the moment I stepped inside the Nazimabad’s branch last week.

Undoubtedly, several reasons why I was bit late in getting my license renewed was at first mine’s negative discernment towards driving license branch and secondly my lethargic attitude to go and get the work done.

However, last week, I suddenly made up my mind to finally get the renewal of my driving license which got expired last year. Following the advice given to me by my boss to reach the branch earlier, I managed to reach the point before the opening of its gate and stood right in a queue which was not too long at that time.

After patiently waiting for few minutes the moment clock hit the 9.00 am, the gates got opened and the prospective citizens were required to show the CNIC for taking their respective tokens.

It was really amazing to witness that every single part of task was well managed and the staff of license branch was so obliging and ethically great that at one time I was really thinking that am I standing at the right place or not ?

Then as my turn of token came within no time, I moved to one of the counter where the official checked my CNIC, inserted my entire data and gave me a slip for making payment of the fees. The office on the very first desk guided me where I have to go now.

Subsequently, I moved to another counter where the payment of renewal was made and then the person on that desk told me to proceed further for snapshot. Then within few seconds of finishing with the picture I was told to now go for the medical check where also everything went pretty effective with no fear or any apprehension.

My all data from the very first stage was moving step by step in accordance with the electronic system and I faced neither any chaos nor any perplexity as to what next I have to do because the whole kit and caboodle was exceptionally managed by the driving license staff.

Finally, I sat in front of the final desk where I put down my expired license in a mini transparent plastic bag along with the slip of payment made following to which I got an acknowledgement receipt which stated that I will receive my new driving license within a week through courier service.

Literally, within three days, I got my license at home and the two good things were that within stated time it was delivered to me and next without any single spelling mistake in any text of it.

I also witnessed at the time of sitting inside branch that even if any citizen was unaware of what to do so the concerned officials instructed him in an absolute decent and explicit manner about his puzzlement or query. On the other hand senior citizens or persons with any disability were incredibly facilitated by the driving license staff too.

This experience was really wonderful and I certainly feels happy to say here that Sindh Police department needs to be appreciated extremely for their timely, well-managed and phenomenal performance at work for simplifying general public.

If this practice is followed in other departments too of the provincial police then it can be rightly said that the entire perception of the public at large will change regarding police department and citizens will feel free to communicate with them without any anxiety and nervousness.

It is the need of the hour now to get rid of the trust deficit that has been prevailing in our society all around for police department since decades as far as public observation is deemed.