Get off your high horses: Ahsan Khan lashes out at LSA critics

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Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan lashed out at the actors, models, singers and directors who have boycotted the Lux Style Awards for its controversial nomination.

In an Instagram post, Ahsan Khan said that he would not jump on the bandwagon and criticise the LSA.

The actor said that the LSA had supported the drama and film industry. Ahsan Khan said that the LSA had given him an award for a role in which he raised awareness about child abuse.

Ahsan Khan said that Ali Zafar’s and Meesha Shafi’s case should be decided by the courts and not the people. He urged all to stop reacting to gossip and conjecture.

“It is wrong to make a judgement on our own. It is not anyone’s place to do so but the judges. Let us trust our legal system and get off our high horses and stop condemning people based on accusations, conjecture and gossip. We should stop and now,” he wrote.

Ahsan Khan said that without the courts, it would be a ‘lawless’ society. He said that the LSA deserved praise for not passing judgment on a ‘sub judice’ matter.

“Lux Style Awards recognized our work and gave all of us awards for bringing an important issue to the forefront,” he wrote in the end.

The Lux Style Awards (LSA) have driven a wedge between the entertainment industry. Many artists and noteworthy names nominated for the awards have chosen to boycott it.

The LSA provoked anger and outcry when it revealed its list of nominations, Ali Zafar being one of them. Ali Zafar has been nominated for Best Actor award (Teefa in Trouble).

The announcement drew condemnations and anger from the entertainment industry. Several people such as Eman Suleman, Jami, The Sketches and others