Facebook will stop notifications about dead people using AI

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Facebook will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to stop sending out notifications about people who died, according to media reports.

Isn’t it painful when your loved ones die and then on almost a daily basis, you are reminded of them through Facebook notifications about memories?

Facebook seems to have noticed that and the social networking giant says that it will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to stop sending out notifications to friends of people who have died.

The social networking website claimed that it would use AI to determine whether or not a person had died and leave the account of the deceased with the care of his/her legacy.

The AI will determine—thought not clear how—to ensure that notifications of the dead person are not sent to his/her friends on Facebook in painful ways.

In 2015, Facebook introduced a feature known as Legacy through which people could select a person to head their account after their death.

Facebook has also given control to relatives of the deceased to monitor the Tribute section of a memorialized profile.

“While minors can’t select legacy contacts, we recently changed our policies to let parents who have lost children under 18 to request to become their legacy contact,” said Facebook.