East River Digital hosts Facebook training session titled ‘DigiTales’

Session unearths the changing dynamics of Facebook

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Karachi: Facebook Training Session, DigiTales, which aimed to educate both employees and partners was hosted by East River Pvt Ltd, one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing digital advertising agency in Karachi.

According to press release issued by the digital agency, the session was conducted by Facebook’s Cindy Nguyen, a Partner Manager at Facebook for the SMB Team, and is one of the representatives for the South Asia/Pakistan region, and Yohny Chan, an Account Manager at Facebook for the last 2+ years, with a vast experience in performance marketing.

The main objective of this training session and DigiTales as a whole, was to stress upon the importance of recognizing Facebook’s changing dynamics and transforming role, since the platform is not just a mere social media tool anymore but an emerging digital marketing asset.

DigiTales was well attended by the reputed brands including Interwood Mobel, Butterfly, Hiba Life, Sipona, Culligan, Engro Foundation, Rapid Compute, Ziauddin Group, NTL and US Consulate.

As an organization, East River specializes in creating innovative digital content that is tailored to specific business needs. With a unique blend of strategy, creativity and technology, it aims to translate the client’s vision into an effective, attention-grabbing campaign that ensures brand visibility at all times, said a press release.

Sharing his thoughts on DigiTales, Business Development Head at East River Shehan Rayer said “Trainings have always been one of the key foundations of East River. Firstly, for our employees but equally importantly for our valued and trusted partners.

We believe the more informed our clients are the easier it is to work together and achieve mutual targets and KPIs. It’s a simple formula that has proven successful.”

The training session also outlined how to best use Facebook as a business tool. Not only that, it underscored the need to know your way around digital.

Speaking about DigiTales, East River CEO Faizan Syed said “East River DNA consists of Kaizen, which is a Japanese word for continuous improvement. Through training sessions such as these, we are looking to continually improve our service delivery as well as the knowledge-base of the partners we work with.”