Dr Asim calls for adopting digital methods in teaching mechanisms

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Dr Asim Hussain, Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Sindh and Chairman Ziauddin Hospitals, called on teachers to adopt modern, digital methods of communication.

Addressing school owner who wanted to join with Ziauddin University’s examination board, Dr Asim said that the syllabus was outdated and needed to be modernized to improve the education system.

“We need to be digital when it comes to teaching methodologies,” he said. “We need to ensure this as well that the results of students are outcome-based,” he added.

Dr Asim said that Ziauddin University would not take over the franchises of schools but it would be a partnership between them.

“You will be affiliated with us of course,” he said. “We will lend you all the help and support you need but my intention but your franchise will remain the same,” he added.

Dr Asim Hussain told the attendees that decisions of the board will be taken jointly.

“Whatever the decisions—may they be pertaining to the structure of the board or the fees, it has to be decided jointly,” he said.

Dr Asim said that it was his wish that each and every student who met the prerequisite requirement of the university get its admission.

He called upon members to improve the education system of Pakistan and Karachi in particular in the shortest amount of time.

Answering a question, Dr Asim Hussain said that there were a couple of stages during the process of examination where special care would be needed to ensure transparency.

“The first stage is that of the examination,” he said. “We will make sure that to ensure transparency, the board does not know who is preparing the examination papers,” he added. “That must be done separately by teachers and the board will not have any knowledge of that.”

He said that Ziauddin University was already working on its syllabus.

“If you think we need our own books then we will alter the syllabus as such and print our own course books,” he said. “We have started work on the syllabus already.”