Can’t buy TV anchors & entire TV channels to spout hate: Reham Khan

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LONDON: Imran Khan‘s former wife Reham Khan said that she can’t buy TV anchors and entire TV channels to spout against her and her children.

The former TV anchor was responding to a Twitter user who questioned her criticism of PM Imran Khan and his party.

Reham alleged that entire teams had been paid to malign her by conjuring up lies from 2014.

“I can’t buy TV anchors & entire TV channels to spout hate against me & my children. From 2014 entire teams have been paid to malign me by conjuring up lies,” Reham tweeted.

Reham Khan says that she faces constant abuse on Twitter from supporters of her former husband’s Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Yesterday, Reham, who published a controversial autobiography last year before general elections 2018, snapped back at a troll who made fun of her picture.

In a picture which seems to be a little old, Reham Khan can be seen stirring a large ladle or spoon into a cauldron.

A user commented on the picture, “In Ramazan, buy pakoras from this poor woman’s shop. Allah will bless you.”

Reham shot back with a reply of her own.

“I earn an honest living according to the practice of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Unlike your leader, I do not keep around ATMs.”

Rehman Khan‘s 10-month marriage with former cricketer ended in a divorce in October 2015.