Bilawal’s spokesperson slams PM for using abusive language

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ISLAMABAD: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s spokesperson Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar slammed Prime Minister Khan for calling the PPP chairman ‘sahiba’.

Speaking to media, Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar criticized the prime minister, saying that there was no difference between his language and that of Sheikh Rashid.

He said that Prime Minister Khan was not serious about solving the country’s problems.
“Instead of coming to the parliament, he uses bad language in jalsas,” said Khokhar.

Prime Minister Khan had referred to Bilawal Bhutto in his latest speech as ‘sahiba’ earlier. The prime minister and the PPP chief have been trading barbs for the past few months. Bilawal called Prime Minister Khan a ‘ghost employee’ the other day for not coming to the parliament.

“On the one hand, the poor are getting crushed under the weight of poverty and this man refuses to come to the parliament,” said Mustafa Nawaz.

He said that those who had brought Imran Khan to power were now regretting their decision.
“He (prime minister) has failed to deliver what he promised. His handlers are worried and getting anxious. This is why each day you hear talk of a presidential system,” he added.

Khokhar said that Prime Minister Khan should appear before the parliament and apprise the elected members about the IMF bailout package.

“We want to know about the conditions that the government has agreed to with the IMF,” he said.
Khokhar lashed out at the prime minister, saying that none of the members of his cabinet were old members of his party.

Ijaz Shah, the interior minister, is also not a member of his party,” he said.