Amitabh labels social media as ‘atomic bomb’ of modern generation

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Mumbai: The legendary mega star of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan has recently termed social media as the modern generation atomic bomb.

Amitabh, occupies an exceptional level of fan following on social media accounts with the inclusion of more than 36.9 million followers on Twitter, 12.6 million on Instagram and over 30 million likes on his official Facebook account.

The superstar is of the view that netizens by using this platform can certainly raise their voices on any subject and are at liberty to give a perspective towards and issue or move whether it is political, social or any other.

Bollywood star unearthed this all in his blog on social media last night and wrote: “The social media is the modern generation atomic bomb.”

He further mentioned in his blog that “social media has the capacity to exercise a chilling response to the enemy; bringing them down to their knees, seeking pardon.

“Over 7 billion humans in the Universe now have opinion and voice and capability to give a perspective to any move political or otherwise. And see it being spread through the medium it employs across the continents of habituated being… It is a scary ultimatum,” actor added in his note.