Ali Zafar promises big revelation regarding Meesha Shafi case

Will release something that will 'seal the deal', says Ali Zafar

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Ali Zafar claimed on Tuesday that he had something up his sleeve against Meesha Shafi which would ‘seal the deal’ according to the singer.

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Ali Zafar has always maintained that he is innocent. The actor and singer claims that Meesha Shafi’s accusations of sexual harassment against him are false.

On Monday, Ali Zafar appeared on TV for the first time to talk about the issue. Meesha followed him a day later by appearing on the same channel and claiming that he was guilty.

Ali Zafar took to Twitter a day later to share a screenshot of Barrister Ambreen Qureshi in which she shared a statement from Meesha Shafi’s team.

“Every verbal or written claim, blame or accusation will be answered with #facts and #evidence. Today I will release something that will seal the deal,” he wrote as the caption.

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Ali Zafar thanked Meesha Shafi on Twitter for speaking publicly for the first time on TV about a sexual harassment case.

The Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar row is far from over, it seems. A day after Ali Zafar appeared on Geo News and broke down on national TV, Meesha Shafi did the same.

Meesha had claimed that Ali Zafar had harassed her during a jam session. After the session, Ali alleged that Meesha had sent a thank you text to him on a WhatsApp group.

“What was she so thankful to me for on the group? Was she grateful for me harassing her?” he claimed, stating that the text had been submitted in court as evidence that he was not guilty.

Meesha Shafi was asked on Shahzeb Khanzada’s show about the text. The singer acknowledged that she had indeed sent that text which included the sentence “Thank you to Ali for saying those wonderful things onstage for me.”

“I wanted to end my association with him on a very professional way,” she said, referring to the text.
Ali Zafar took to Twitter and thanked Meesha Shafi.