After Bilawal Bhutto, Sherry Rehman reacts to PM’s Iran gaffe

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ISLAMABAD: Senator Sherry Rehman on Tuesday questioned the logic behind Prime Minister Imran Khan‘s reluctance to read a written speech during his foreign visits.

Her tweet in the backdrop of Imran Khan’s speech in Tehran where he said Germany and Japan share a border and that the two countries killed millions of their civilians in the World War 2.

“Yes, we were bracing for the new gaffe from cabinet or him when abroad. Don’t understand why he can’t read speech or why someone doesn’t point out in a note during speech that he should fix it. Errors can be fixed but this lot never does! Why? They’re above erring in their minds?,” Sherry tweeted.

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also took exception to Imran Khan’s gaffe calling it embarrassing.

Speaking to media persons in Tehran yesterday, Imran Khan said Japan and Germany share a border.

“Germany and Japan killed million of their civilians until after the second World War they decided that they would have, on the border, joint industries. So now there is no question of them ever having bad relations because their economic interests are tied together,” Khan said.