8 necessary precautions to take during the Karachi sandstorm

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KARACHI: The city has been braving a sandstorm since Sunday. A prolonged sandstorm can be dangerous if these precautions are not taken.

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Dust storms or sandstorms can affect visibility and trigger lung complications. It is necessary that as long as the sandstorm persists in Karachi, you take the following 8 precautions:-

1. Wash your face thoroughly

Karachi sandstorm

This may seem like an obvious one but during a sandstorm you need to wash your face thoroughly. This in order to ensure that the sand or dust does not enter your lungs.

2. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Karachi sandstorm

This is the most dangerous thing you can do during a sandstorm. Do NOT rub your eyes or the fine sand particles will impair vision and damage them. Rubbing the eyes may also cause an infection.

3. Cover your eyes

Karachi sandstorm

Cover them by wearing sunglasses or normal glasses to ensure that sand particles do not enter.

4. Do NOT wear contact lenses

Karachi sandstorm

If you are, remove them ASAP! Contact lenses during a sandstorm will cause irritation and a possible eye infection.

5. Here’s how you prevent sand from entering your rooms

Karachi sandstorm

Place a wet cloth underneath your door to prevent sand from entering the room and casusing irritation of the lungs and eyes.

6. Petroleum jelly

Karachi sandstorm

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly (vaseline) to the inside of your nostrils to ensure your cell membranes do not get completely dry.

7. When you need to go to the Emergency department

Karachi sandstorm

If your cough gets worse or your lung irritation refuses to go away, you should go to the Emergency department at the nearest hospital.

8. Drive safe

Karachi sandstorm
Driving can be complicated during a sandstorm. If vision is impaired drastically, make sure not to drive too fast or stop and park by the side. Start driving to your destination when the storm subsides in order to avoid accidents.

Better safe than sorry, folks!