5 qualities Bilawal Bhutto looks for in a life partner

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The most stirring questions concerning Bilawal Bhutto’s life have been answered!

An interview by The Current has been making rounds on social media in which the Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto answers 73 random questions about his life.

Aside from the kind of Netflix shows he watches or what he has for breakfast [Chai, egg and sometimes ‘a paratha’], he also drops hints on how his life partner should be like  — five qualities, ladies!

  1. Level of connectivity

There has to be a level of connectivity. It’s a condition one can expect coming from anyone.

2. ‘We have to get along’

That is another easy bet to guess. The interview itself may give enough of an insight into his daily routine.

3. Sense of humour!

One can always enjoy a good company who wouldn’t mistake humour as a trouble call.

4. Brains

“She would have to be intelligent and educated,” Bilawal adds, who happens to be an Oxford graduate and continuing the legacy of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, why not? The qualities are yet something anyone would ask for, perhaps what could be the actual game changer?

5. Sisters’ approval 

“And most of all get along with my sisters”, Bilawal adds. The last thing any guy would want would be to avoid any bad-blood among the women in his family so Bilawal‘s choices are not to be blamed.

Pretty sophisticated. One hint that he dropped very indirectly is that the respective other might have to compromise a little in case ‘the one’ hopes to have an intimate wedding affair, where he adds, “I would have to let the media cover my wedding.

Watch the full interview here: