Twitter can’t help but laugh at Gautam Gambhir’s anti-Pakistan tweet

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Former Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir urged other countries to stop giving aid to Pakistan but his messaged was laughed at by the whole world instead.

It’s one thing to tweet against an entire country but another to get it right. Gautam Gambhir doesn’t get it, though. The former Indian batsman urged countries to stop giving aid to Pakistan though a minor mistake made Twitter laugh at him.

Instead of typing aid, he mistakenly wrote it as ‘aids’ and that was enough for people to make fun of him. Here’s what people wrote underneath the tweet:-

Recently Indian media reports highlighted the possibility of Gambhir joining politics and contesting the April-May polls on BJP’s ticket.

He has, however, neither confirmed nor denied the reports. The former Indian cricketer has remained non-committal on joining politics.