Stop using feminism as an excuse to hate on men: Ahmad Ali Butt

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Stop using feminism as an excuse to hate on men, said comedian Ahmad Ali Butt, in a lengthy Facebook message on Tuesday in which he slammed certain women for spreading hate.

“Bibi, if you stop using Instagram or Snapchat then you’ll know how to make a roti,” wrote Ahmad Ali Butt in a lengthy Facebook post, calling out women for holding a placard that read ‘Apni Roti Khud Banao’.

“Stop using feminism as an excuse to hate on men and increasing your followers,” he wrote. “True feminism is about men and women working as a team and sharing the responsibilities.”

He said that the responsibilities could be shared like when a woman makes a roti as her husband picks up the children from school.

“Or when the man puts his children to sleep while the woman has work to do,” he wrote.

He ended the post by saying that with a supporting woman, a man is complete and with a supporting man, a wife gets to be free.

The response was not so positive, though.

“Pakistani men are so butthurt by everything,” said one user.

“Ahmed Ali Butt’s hot take on Aurat March. Apparently we use feminism to increase followers. Because honor killings & domestic violence isn’t something feminism speaks for,” wrote Mahwash Ajaz, slamming the comedian.

“It’s so funny that he knows what ‘true feminism’ is. All these men talking about true feminism have probably never even read a book about feminism in their lives. Aap ko kya pata hai,” wrote another Twitter user.