Sindh Police introduces new uniforms to ‘enhance policing process’

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KARACHI: Sindh Police has introduced new uniforms for its officials in an attempt to ‘enhance the policing process’, on Wednesday.

“The Government of Sindh considering the recommendations of IGP Sindh Dr. Kaleem Imam has approved introduction of new uniforms for Sindh Police to exhibit the perception of better policing amongst the citizens,” tweeted Sindh Police.

Another tweet said that the new uniforms will certainly improve the image of Sindh police in the minds of the citizens of Sindh and promote the perception of better policing.

The uniforms will initially be introduced in five units of Sindh Police which include Traffic Police, C.I.A, Anti-riots Reserve Platoons, Forensic Division Sindh and Central Police Office.

Sindh Police said in a press release that it will be the sole provider of the uniform in order to ensure quality of fabric, colour and stitching remains consistent.

“Local suppliers and vendors will not be allowed to display the new uniforms at their outlets,” read the statement.

These are the uniforms that will be provided to the five units of Sindh Police:-

Traffic Police officers: White shirt, navy blue pant and navy blue p-cap

Traffic Police personnel: Half-sleeve white t-shirt, navy blue pants and navy blue p-cap

Officers: Dark blue shirt, navy blue pant and navy blue p-cap.

Head Constables, Constables: Dark blue half-sleeve shirt, navy blue pant and navy blue p-cap.