Sherry to march today for rights of less fortunate sisters

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Senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Sherry Rehman has said today that she will going to march for the rights of women who faces discrimination in comparison to men on routine basis.

PPP leader expressed her views on account of the event of Aurat March which is being celebrated in different cities of Pakistan today with an intent to unearth women’s role, achievements, issues women face in life and as to what extent they can effectively contribute to the society and its people.

Sherry on her official Twitter handle today posted that “I march because women don’t get the same pay or opportunities as men. Because I am done keeping quite about sexist jokes, about snide remarks and an unspoken collusion to keep women out of decision making.”

“I march for my less fortunate sisters who suffer daily indignities”, she added in her tweet.

Moreover, today, the International Women’s Day is also being celebrated globally to praise the achievements and the contribution of women to the society in different fields of work.