Serene Air puts passenger in a fix over voucher’s use

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A Karachi traveler says he was denied a reservation for domestic travel on Serene Air after he tried to use his voucher.

The privately owned Pakistani airline, which operates domestically, had issued the voucher to a traveler ‘XYZ’ with a big congratulatory message.

“I’ on the behalf of Serene Air (pvt) limited, am pleased to welcome you to travel with our airline. This voucher entitles you to a round trip. Serene Air looks forward to seeing you on board and experience the finest travel experience in the country,” the voucher reads.

When the traveler ‘XYZ’ tried to experience the ‘finest travel experience’, he was told that there was no seat available during his intended date of travel on the voucher.

The traveler ‘XYZ’ felt that the airline had denied his passenger rights.

Adding insult to injury, he received a phone call from the Serene Air staff and was told that he had only two days left to use the voucher.

According to air passenger rights advocates, there should be some sort of penalty on airlines who renege on its promises and violate the passenger’s rights.