‘Seek respect not attention’: Hania Amir takes a shot at Shaan

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Pakistani actress Hania Amir took an indirect shot at veteran actor Shaan Shahid as she repeated his statement ‘Seek respect not attention’ at an Instagram post.

Shaan Shahid is not one to shy away from giving his opinions whether they are on Pakistani actors who seek Bollywood films or those who are not uber patriotic.

A few days ago, an interview of singer Asim Azhar was doing the rounds on social media in which he indirectly admitted that the singer was in a relationship with Hania Amir.

Shaan tweeted in response to the video: ‘Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.”

He then opined that Asim Azhar should not have discussed something very personal at a public forum.

Not to be outdone, Hania did poke fun at the actor when opportunity struck. She uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram which was taken supposedly by Asim Azhar.

An Instagram user @iamraamis commented below the picture, “I took this picture.”

Here’s what Hania commented below: “Seek respect, not attention.”

Ouch. That seems like a shot at Shaan without actually taking his name. Nice.

Asim Azhar in an interview with BBC Asia, revealed that he liked to hang out with Hania Amir as she brought positivity to his life.

“We like to hang out, you know we’re always laughing and messing around,” he said.