PM expresses disappointment over Punjab Assembly’s decision to raise lawmakers salaries

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has today expressed his displeasure over the decision of Punjab Assembly for raising salaries and privileges of the legislators in the province including the chief minister.

Imran Khan on his official Twitter handle remarked that “I am extremely disappointed by decision of Punjab Assembly to raise pays and privileges of MPAs, ministers and especially CM.”

PM also added in his tweet that “Once prosperity returns to Pakistan such a move could be justified, but now, when we do not have resources to provide basic amenities to all our people, this is untenable.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Punjab Assembly yesterday had made an exorbitant increase of more than double in the salaries, perks and privileges of its lawmakers and the bill ended up as a unanimous bill since none of the members opposed it from both sides.

In accordance with the legislation, CM Punjab will now be drawing salary Rs 350,000 per month, while other members will draw over 200,000 per month as their basic pay and allowances rose to more than double.

It is also stated that recent rise in the salaries of the lawmakers in the Punjab Assembly has left behind all other legislators of other provinces.

A time when our country is passing through severe economic hurdles and has reached to such stage where our country’s survival is merely dependent on a hefty amount of bailout packages, so at this time such hefty pay increase of lawmakers is deplorable.