PIA plays rap music and Pakistanis can’t believe it…

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A video on the internet has gone viral in which a man has recorded a famous rap song being played inside a PIA flight. Needless to say, Pakistanis are surprised.

In a popular Facebook group by the name of Travel Diary, a man named Umeed Baloch shared a video in which rapper Eminem’s song Monster could be heard playing. The video was filmed from inside a PIA aircraft.

“This is the first time I saw PIA playing rap music after landing. Anyone else experienced it?” he wrote in the caption.

‘It’s always been classical music for me,” commented a person below. “Lil PIA, yo!”

Other people were amused that not only had the PIA played rap music, but they had chosen to play Eminem.

Aur vo bhi Eminem ka,” wrote Bilal Nadeem.