Pakistanis apologizing to Shane Watson is just plain STUPID

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After Imam ul Haq and Shane Watson’s altercation during the PSL final on Sunday, Pakistanis are taking to Twitter and apologizing to the Aussie all-rounder.

Have you heard of anything more STUPID? I haven’t, not at least in recent times.

For starters, let’s analyze what exactly went down during the PSL clash that has left every Pakistani red-faced (rolls eyes).

Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi were vying for the ultimate prize—the PSL trophy. The final was being played in front of a packed Karachi crowd and emotions were high.

Shane Watson attempted to take a run but a direct hit at the stumps cut his innings short. On his way back to the pavilion, he exchanged harsh words with Imam ul Haq who gave him a send-off.

All hell has broken loose ever since then. Pakistanis, in their ultimate wisdom, started reprimanding Imam ul Haq for behaving ‘rudely’ with Watson, who was our ‘guest’.

Wait, what?

First of all, I don’t get why Pakistanis have fallen head over heels in love with Shane Watson. In case those of you who were abusing Imam didn’t know this, Watson was PAID to play in Pakistan. On previous outings, the Aussie had refused to come to Pakistan owing to security reasons. We’re happy he decided to come but it’s not like he’s doing it for free or something.

Had it been Darren Sammy (or DJ Bravo) who went out of their way to support the return of international cricket in Pakistan, I would have understood. Watson was paid to play in Karachi so please stop kissing his behind so much.

Secondly, things happen in the heat of the moment. It was the final, guys. An intense moment for Zalmi who just got the prized wicket of Watson while defending a low target. We still don’t know who started the verbal dual but the point I’m trying to make here is that harsher words have been exchanged on cricket pitches before. Remember the Gautam Gambhi-Afridi battle? No? How about the Sarawan-McGrath verbal dual or the Shane Warne-Samuels confrontation? Pollard and Mitchell Starc?

It seems as if you guys need to do your research on cricket fights. Seems like ya’ll haven’t seen much, have you?

I’ll save the best for last. Pakistanis sometimes hate people but they don’t know WHY. We’re not short of examples in this department. Just like we love to hate Malala Yousafzai for childish and petty reasons, we’ve decided to hate on Imam ul Haq as well.

Imam may have not gotten himself shot in the head for Nobel Peace glory but he’s done something worse. He’s actually proven to be a decent opener (in an outfit that DIRELY needs one) and is kin to the chief selector.

I know we as a nation hate to base our assumptions or opinions on FACTS (which is probably the reason why we hate on Imam so much) but allow me to take you through some stats.

I must warn you though—the source is ESPN and NOT

Imam has played 21 ODIs and scored five 100s and an equal number of half-centuries. Now let’s take a minute to analyze what that means.

It means that for half of the matches that he has played, Imam has scored a century or half century in them. After playing 21 matches (not just a series, mind you) Imam averages a little over than 60. He made a century against a respected team like Sri Lanka on debut.

What was it that you guys called him, again? Parchi? Right.

In 41 T20 matches, Imam has scored 12 half-centuries and averages more than 35. Yep, that’s right. We are talking about T20Is here fellas.

In a nutshell…

Pakistan direly needs an opener. Ever since Saeed Anwar, we have been looking for a classy left-hander who can play aggressive strokes and also rotate the strike with ease and precision. Most of all, we are looking for an opener who is consistent.

It would do us all a good deal to refrain from hurting his confidence by calling him ‘parchi’ or calling him out for minor incidents that happen on the field.

Grow up, please. Learn to support genuine players when they come along.