Pakistan shares preliminary Pulwama attack findings with India

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has shared its preliminary findings with the Government of India after examining the Indian report on Pulwama attacks.

According to a statement issued by the Foreign Office, the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Foreign Secretary and the findings on the Pulwama incident were shared with him.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had offered cooperation in investigation if credible evidence was provided by India.

In response to this offer, a paper was handed over to Pakistan on 27 February, 2019.

Pakistan has acted with a high sense of responsibility and extended full cooperation.

“We do so in the interest of regional peace and security. We have sought further information / evidence from India to take the process forward.”

At least 40 Indian troops were killed in a suicide attack on Feb 14 in Pulwama, Kashmir.