‘Pakistan can surprise India anytime’, tweets Veena Malik

'We are busy in making Pakistan peaceful, worth living', says actress

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Karachi: Veena Malik, Pakistani celebrity who remains in limelight has recently went on a verbal spat with Indian national on social media where she said that Pakistan can surprise India in space anytime.

Recently, responding to the tweet of Indian national, Ram Subramanian on her official twitter handle wrote that “Congratulations!!! Some are destroying this planet and choosing space to explore and others are Busy making it worth living!”

“We are busy making it a beautiful and peaceful place…!!!”, she added in her tweet.

Actress further said that “But We can SURPRISE anytime!”

Indian national, Ram recently tweeted on his Twitter handle that “Pakistan should be warned. India can strike her in space too.”

In another round of tweet,  Veena slammed Subramanian and wrote “Ab kiya space main Chai pilani paray gi”.

Subramanian also in another tweet had tagged Veena Malik and said, “There are no Pakistanis in space. I might complain every day about many things in India but we have actively pushed for a space programme.”

The claim of Indian premier Narendra Modi that his country has shot down a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite made all the way for this debate between Veena and Subramanian.