Not every painter who paints nude pictures is a porn artist: Shaan shuts troll up

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Not every painter who paints nude pictures is a porn artist, said Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid as he shut up a troll on Twitter.

Shaan had recently criticized some of the placards that were used in the Aurat March 2019. The actor had said that these placards did not represent the Pakistani culture and women’s rights could have been highlighted in a decent manner.

However, the troll posted pictures of Shaan from his earlier days in Pakistani films where the Waar actor used to do ‘bold’ scenes with actresses.

Shaan shot back at him.

“Brother, your real life is not a film,” he tweeted. “There’s a difference between real life and film, actor and character just as not every painter who paints a nude picture is not a porn artist.”

The Aurat March 2019 raised quite a lot of eyebrows this year when as many as 7,000 women took to Frere Hall in a rally to raise awareness and talk about the rights of women.

The rally was condemned by a section of the society who took offence to the language that was used in the placards.

Women all over Pakistan hit out at certain men who were criticizing the march.

Some men have expressed the desire to hold a ‘Mard March’ and a Facebook event invites men and women from all walks of life to take part in the Mard March on March 24.