Netizens slam Bilawal for saying ‘Screw You’

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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said ‘Screw You’ to the government in an earlier tweet and it resulted in him being slammed by Twitterati.

The PPP chairman hit out at trolls and certain ministers who had called him a traitor for slamming the government on not doing enough against terrorism.

The Bhutto scion said ‘screw you’ to the critics and refused to listen to them, tweeting that one should not be called a traitor if he/she refused to stick to a script.

“WTH is a narrative? Is life now a fascist screenplay where if u don’t follow a script u r declared traitor? Screw u and ur narrative, I have an ideology my ideology doesn’t changes ur narrative will keep changing. Read, think, speak & ignore fascist trolls who run this country,” he had tweeted.
Netizens slammed Bilawal for writing ‘screw you’ which is a slightly less offensive alternative for the term f-off.