Karachi police chief says ice drug popular among college girls

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KARACHI: Ice drug is popular among the city’s college girls, said Karachi Police Chief AIG Amir Sheikh during a press briefing on Friday.

Karachi Police Chief AIG Amir Sheikh said that as the drug costs between Rs700-2,000 per gram, the addiction of crystal methamphetamine (also known as the drug ice) is commonly found in university and college students.

“More than 300 drug stations across Pak Colony, Jahanabad, Lyari, Sher Shah, Lasi Goth, Mehmoodabad, Shanti Nagar, Dalmia and Malir have been demolished,” he said during the briefing.
He said that drug peddlers who were caught by police easily get bail or less sentences as they sold the drugs in small quantity.

“These drugs come to Karachi through Balochistan and Hub,” he said. “The laws need to be amended, for which we conducted a meeting with the anti-narcotics department,” he added.

He said that complaints had been received from various parts of the city against police officials who were supplying ice to educational institutions.

“Fifty complaints were received during the course of one month from Korangi district, 17 of which were against policemen and officials,” he said.

He said that Karachi police was conducting an inquiry against the individuals and that departmental action would be taken.

In response to a question, he said that action had been taken against beggars in the city.

“We have started a crackdown against beggary. Police have rounded up 3,500 beggars from 50 centres in Karachi,” he said. “We have appealed to the government for a shelter home to be made for beggars so that they could be kept there.”