Jemima responds to the question “Do you still love Imran Khan?”

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife Jemima Goldsmith was asked on Twitter by a guy whether she still loves him or not and she’s apparently tired of answering the question!

Jemima Khan was married to cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan until the two parted ways in 2004. The divorce left many in Pakistan sad and shocked as Jemima was loved by many in the country.

However, the bond between the two remains strong till this day as Khan often praises Jemima whenever he talks about her.

Jemima has to deal with one question every now and then—does she still love Imran Khan?

It all started when Jemima posted a tweet about Brexit.

“Do you still love Imran Khan?” asked a user.

Pat came the response from Jemima:-

Jemima thinks ultimately she’ll die answering questions about her love for the prime minister!