Indian man who beat up Kashmiri vendor is obsessed with Reham Khan

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An Indian man who beat up a Kashmiri man in Lucknow is obsessed with Reham Khan, according to a reputable Indian journalist.

According to Prashant Kanojia, an Indian journalist who writes for The Wire, Bajrang Sonkar (the man who attacked a Kashmiri vendor in Lucknow) is so obsessed with Reham Khan that he uploads pictures of Imran Khan’s ex-wife without captions.

“Bajrang Sonkar who attacked Kashmiri in #Lucknow is so obsessed with Imran Khan’s wx-wife. He keeps uploading her photos without caption and shares stage with a lot of BJP and RSS leaders apart from this he enjoys 12 criminal cases along with murder charges,” tweeted Kanojia.

Members of the Hindu extremist outfit  today (Thursday) assaulted dry fruit vendors belonging to Kashmir in Lucknow.

Subsequent to the incident of Pulawama, Kashmiri students, traders and others have been subjected to violence across the country.

Indian media reported that the men who were selling dry fruits on a roadside, were thrashed and beaten with rods.

A viral video has shown that the Kashmiri men can be seen covering their heads and pleading to the attackers to have mercy on them

One of the dry fruit seller told media persons while stating his trauma after the incident that, “These men started beating us and calling us terrorists. We have been coming for 20 years. Something like this has never happened with us before.”

When the two attackers were asked why they were beating up the Kashmiri men, they replied that they were ‘Kashmiris’.

Later, the Lucknow police apprehended all the attackers.