Indian man attacks wife with chopper for watching ‘Pakistani drama’

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The wife of a 40-year-old Indian man filed a complaint with police, alleging that he had attacked her with a chopper for watching a ‘Pakistani drama’.

According to the complaint filed by the wife, Asif Sattar Nayab, a resident of Salisbury Park in Pune attacked his wife with a chopper after she did not pay attention to him but was instead watching a show named ‘Pakistani drama’ on her mobile phone.

He was booked and arrested on Monday for attempt to murder after his wife filed the complaint.

According to the police, the couple had an argument before the attack took place.

“The woman sent her son to a nearby shop to buy some milk. However, when he returned, some milk had spilled as a result of the pouch being damaged. The woman scolded her son and Asif intervened,” said a senior member of the Swargate police station.

The argument did not end there. When Asif returned from work, he found out that his wife was not talking to him.

She went into the bedroom where he followed her and then again tried to talk to her. His wife ignored him and started to watch a show named ‘Pakistani drama’ on her mobile phone.

He then attacked her with a chopper (a knife-like tool) which broke her thumb.