Indian anchor slams guest for praising PM Khan during show

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to hand over captured Indian pilot Abhinandan has earned him massive praises from across the world, as well as from India.

In a surprising turn of events, many Indian nationals were moved by the peace-making gesture and took their commendations to a private news channel.

Guests Sunit Chopra and Tehseen Punawala had condemned the Indian media for spreading fake news pertaining alleged killing of hundreds of militants in airstrikes inside Pakistan and called for evidence.

Another guest also disagreed with the show host and emphasized that Imran Khan was not a statesman but a generous leader. He went on to call the former cricketer as a man of honor.

Fumed with the viewpoints, the show host belittled the guests, stating “If you think you are participating in a show in Pakistan in TV, then be my guest, the door is there you can walk right away,” an Indian anchor told her guests who seemed to disagree with her.