Indian Air Force chief threatens Pakistan in latest interview

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The Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoa said on Monday that as soon as the IAF gets the Rafale fighter aircraft, the PAF won’t even come near its border of the LoC.

In his latest interview to the ANI, Dhanoa said that the Rafale jets were the best fighter aircraft in the sub-continent and once the IAF gets its hands on them, Pakistan and China would be outmatched by its superior capability.

“When the Rafale comes in, it will ensure that the deterrence of our air defence will increase manifold and they (Pakistan) will not come anywhere near our Line of Control or border. That kind of capability we will possess for which presently they (Pakistan) don’t have an answer,” he said.

The IAF chief said that Rafale aircraft have the capability to shoot down enemy planes from as far as 150 kilometers.

“We are going to get Rafale in the month of September. Rafale will give a tremendous jump to our capability and it is superior to all the aircraft in the inventory of both our adversaries,” he said.

The Rafale jet controversy is a hot topic in India as general elections draw near. The Modi government has been accused by the Congress of buying the aircraft at a much higher cost than the deal that the previous government agreed on.

On February 27, PAF jets shot down two Indian MiG-21 aircraft that had intruded into Pakistani airspace for the second time in as many days.

Pakistan captured Indian pilot Abhinandan Varnathan and held him captive for two days as tensions between the two countries escalated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered the release of Abhinandan Varnathan as a ‘peace gesture’ towards India. Abhinandan crossed over India from Wagah border where he was taken into custody by the IAF.