German envoy hosts Munich couple touring Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: German ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler on Thursday hosted a couple from his home country to Islamabad. Taking to Twitter, the German envoy said that he was glad to host the young couple from Munich during their journey of a lifetime.

He said that the couple was traveling through Pakistan and enjoying the hospitality of its people and the natural beauty.

Kobler, who has amassed a huge following in Pakistan due to his active support for tourism in the country, wished the couple good luck and safe stay.

“What an adventure, glad to host a young couple from #Munich during their journey of a lifetime. they are travelling through #Pakistan enjoying the #Hospitality of #Pakistani people and the beauties of #nature. Good luck and stay safe!,” he tweeted .

The couple comes days after the PTI government announced a new aviation policy to tap the huge potential tourism has to offer in Pakistan.