Four policemen sacked for harassing a couple at Karachi beach

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Karachi police on Tuesday sacked four policemen for misbehaving with a couple at Karachi’s Sea View, an official notification stated.

The directives came after video of a policeman manhandling a woman and trying to snatch a cell phone from the man who was filming it, emerged on social media.

In the video, the man can be heard saying that he was with his wife when the policemen came and demanded money while pointing guns at them.

According to SSP South Pir Mohammed Shah, three policemen were directly involved in the said incident that took place on Sunday morning.

The involved men, Ahmed Khan, Zahid, Qurban, as well as ASI Zulfiqar Ali, who had abandoned his duty to join the police gang, have been dismissed from service, further adding that a few policemen bring a bad name to the entire force.

He added that Qurban wasn’t at the site but is also an accomplice.

“Initial investigation reveals that the four policemen used to work as a gang to harass and extort couples.”

SSP Shah also urged people who experienced such behaviour by the police to come forward and report.

It is pertinent to mention here that Karachi police chief had barred cops from asking couples for proof of marriage in a notification dated Oct 9, 2018.

“There is a general complaint that policemen in mobiles and motorcycles harass and humiliate couples by asking them to show ‘nikahnama’ to prove their credentials as husband and wife”, newly appointed Additional Inspector General of Police Amir Sheikh noted.