Former KMC administrator Fahim Zaman makes a fool of himself

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KARACHI: Former KMC administrator Fahim Zaman abused police officials in a video that went viral on Tuesday.

The police officials reportedly asked the former KMC administrator for his National Identity Card (NIC) which angered him.

“If you don’t know who I am, then in this (expletive) city, who do you know?” he can be heard screaming at the police officials. “What are you all standing here for, to (expletives)? I have been an administrator of this city for two times and you didn’t recognize me. How will you recognize an ordinary man?”

The video went viral on social media with many calling Zaman out for his indecent behaviour.

The video has been edited, says Fahim Zaman

The former city administrator spoke to Geo News and said that the video that went viral was edited.

“They have edited this video and tried to make themselves look like the victims,” he said, referring to the police officials.

Fahim Zaman said that he was on his way to his office when he was stopped at a security checkpoint by police officials.

“I told them that I had forgotten my wallet at my home,” he said. ‘They had asked for my NIC. I had my driver’s license but the police official insisted on checking my NIC.”

Fahim Zaman accused the police officials of misbehaving with him, saying that when he told the officials he did not have the NIC, they told him he could not enter the Red Zone.

“It was then that one of the officials pointed his SMG gun at me to which I got out of my car and dared him to open fire,” he said. “If I don’t have my CNIC with me, does that mean I cannot travel to any location in the city?”

Fahim Zaman said that traffic police officials harassed Karachiites on a daily basis and his case was not special.