Feud of the day

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The Aurat March has been the talk of the town for immense post-rally criticism on its placards but the whole narrative is eventually taking an uglier shape, revealing a lot more than just people’s opinions on women’s rights.

Imaan Mazari, daughter of Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, has been taking every opportunity to call out Aamir Liaquat for attempting against the women-centred movement.

Amid the massive criticism that followed the movement, Aamir Liaquat’s opinion just added fuel to the fire.

Which Imaan couldn’t resist.

 |However, Aamir Liaquat didn’t just let her flee for mocking him publicly.

On the other side, Aamir Liaquat’s wife Tuba had also given her two cents on Aurat March.

This is where Imaan ended up giving more than just an opinion and vented out her anger.

Mazari didn’t stop there and ended up putting all that she had to win an argument by comparing their intellect with their degrees, which actually backfired at her.

 Twitterati wasn’t very impressed by her tweet and criticised her for throwing her degrees in the argument.