Families of Pulwama soldiers demand to see terrorists’ bodies

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UTTAR PRADESH: Families of two soldiers killed in the Pulwama terror attack have asked the concerned authorities for raw evidence to prove killings of terrorists in the Balakot airstrike in Pakistan.

While Indian Air Forces have long been justifying its claim of having killed over hundreds of terrorists belonging to terror camp Jaish-e-Mohammad, that reportedly claimed responsibility in the Pulwama attack, there has been no official confirmation of the death tolls with ministers only quoting different figures.

With international media also in the horizon along with Pakistan in doubting their claims, the families of two martyred soldiers have demanded “decisive proof” in the matter.

“Like in our case (Pulwama) we saw someone ‘s hands, someone’s limbs, we need to see something from the other side. Someone took responsibility for the bomb attack almost immediately. I am sure the strikes have happened but where have they done it? There should be clear proof. Until there is no proof, how can we accept it?

“Pakistan says there is no damage to them so how can we accept it unless there is proof,” a sister of one of the slain soldiers questioned, adding, “Show us, only then we will get peace and know that my brother’s killing has been avenged.”

Another family called for the proof, stating: “We are not satisfied. So many sons died. We saw no one dead. There are no dead bodies on the other side. In fact, there was no confirmed news. We need to see this on TV. And we need to be told at our homes. We need to see the dead bodies of the terrorists.”

Contradictory to their earlier claims, The Indian Air Force (IAF) recently stated that its job is not to count bodies but to hit targets while Indian home minister on Tuesday reiterated the unofficial figure of 300.