Poet Kishwar Naheed slams placards used in ‘Aurat March’ event

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Well-known poet Kishwar Zehra has criticized the slogans that were being used during the event of Aurat March recently held throughout Pakistan.

Speaking at an event on International Women’s Day, Naheed pointing out on few placard which states that ‘Mai Awara Hoon’, she said that this text was okay as far as the film song is concerned this could neither be the slogan of women or men.

She was of the view that next time before preparing slogans one must not set aside their culture, teachings and intelligence.



Pointing to another slogan of Aurat March which states that “Mai Khana garam karti hoon, Tum bistar garam karo”, she said that one can understand what is meant by this.

“We want Independence but such things will distract us in the same way as jihadist went intractable having the believe that with the killing of 70000 people they will fly off to heaven”, she added.