‘I believe in simplicity, austerity vision of the government’, Buzdar tells PM Khan

Increase in salaries was joint decision of all lawmakers

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ISLAMABAD: Chief Minister of the province of Punjab Usman Buzdar yesterday called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to explicate the entire matter to him related to the decision of the Punjab’s Assembly for raising salaries, perks and privileges of the legislators, sources informed.

Sources disclosed that CM Punjab told Imran Khan that he conforms with his vision of implementing the austerity and simplicity at all levels

Moreover, Buzdar during the meeting with the PM stressed light on some key issues including the current political conditions, local body system and the routine affairs and activities of the Punjab government.

It must be mentioned here that last week Punjab Assembly had passed a bill for lawmakers salary increase up to the double as of the current pay scale which was approved unanimously.

Subsequently, the implementation of the bill could not be made after PM Khan intervened in the matter and expressed immense disapproval.