Aurat March spreading immorality, destroying family life: MMA

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The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) have strongly reacted to the Aurat Azadi march, claiming that the rally aimed at destroying ‘healthy family life’.

The MMA has spoken out against the Aurat March held on March 8 across several cities in Pakistan. According to the MMA’s lawmakers, the march’s intent was to spread hate immorality and destroy the healthy family life in Pakistan.

MMA parliamentarian Maulana Asmatullah, Maulana Kamaluddin, Maulana Muhammad Anwar, Malik Afreen Khan and Shahida Akhtar Ali submitted an adjournment motion in the parliament and demanded a debate be held to discuss the issue further.

Shahida Akhtar said that such demonstrations were against the Objectives Resolution which served as the preamble of the Pakistani constitution.

“Permission for such demonstrations is out of the question,” she said.

The MMA’s MNAs said that some of the placards used in the demonstration were aimed at spreading hate and vulgarity.

They said that the placards contained inappropriate remarks which negated the commandments of the Almighty.

Shahida Akhtar took a jab at the government and said that those who wanted to establish the state of Medina had exposed themselves by granting permission for the rally.